Marine Fish Conservation Network

Premier réseau d'ONG Environnementales créé aux USA par PEW (Joshua Reichert). Ici sont présentés un élément d'actualité de 2007 et les membres.

Article d'origine (1997) :

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They're Back: The Coalition of Fishing, Conservation, and Scientific Organizations Reunites to Guarantee Fisheries Protection

Members of the Marine Fish Conservation Network, a diverse coalition of over 100 local and national fishing, conservation, and scientific organizations instrumental in securing passage of the Sustainable Fisheries Act, have re-joined forces to work towards successful implementation of the Act's significant new pro-conservation provisions.

The Fish Network first united in 1992 to tackle the problem of severely depleted fisheries around the country. In a focused campaign to strengthen the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, the nation's primary legislative tool for protecting and managing marine fisheries, the Network was successful in achieving reforms to halt overfishing and rebuild depleted fishery populations, minimize the take of non-target species (bycatch), and protect marine habitats.

Despite passage of the reforms last October, however, conservationists recognize that passage of the new Act alone does not guarantee a bright future for fish populations. Members of the Fish Network agree that much of the implementation work that has been done to date has fallen short of the intent of Congress in passing the Sustainable Fisheries Act.

"There have been alarming trends in the implementation process thus far," stated Tanya Dobrzynski, Coordinator of an online communication network among Fish Network members known as AOC-FishLink. "Before NMFS has even proposed the guidelines to assist Fishery Management Councils in bringing their management plans into compliance with new requirements of the Act, some Council members have expressed defiance objecting to mandates to satisfy the Act," Dobrzynski said. She added that NMFS' interpretations of key parts of the new provisions have appeared to many to be far weaker than conservationists believe is the intent of the law. "If those initial interpretations were to prevail, the Congressional mandate to end business as usual will not be fulfilled," Dobrzynski said.

The Marine Fish Conservation Network has recommitted its collective strength to actively pursue a targeted campaign to ensure that the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) guidelines will form a solid basis for the eight regional Fishery Management Councils to bring their fishery management plans (FMPs) into compliance with the Act's new mandates. The Network is calling on all of its members and members of the public to ensure the strongest and most effective implementation of the Magnuson-Stevens Act.

Dobrzynski explains, "Over the next few months we intend to increase our membership in crucial regions of the country and to bring our message to members of Congress and the media until the job of responsible Federal fisheries reform is fully under way."


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